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Episode 73

This week we are all about Star Wars celebration and the awesome things we’re seeing flying out of there like Luke and Han after blowing up the Death Star! From the new Battlefront and The Last Jedi trailers to the new park designs at Disney.

Also, TJ picked up 2015’s game of the year; The Witcher and we make a lot of bad jokes about it’s… graphic nature.

Last we talk about how excited we are for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and ALL THOSE END CREDIT SCENES!


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This week, we’re saying goodbye to MadCatz as they declare bankruptcy. Cj gives us a rundown of some of the April Fool’s products that Think Geek put together this year, and we yell at TJ for thinking Shazaam with Sinbad is an actual movie!

Samsung’s very own operating system, Tizen, is full of security flaws and may be the worst coded OS in history.

Tj asks us which eSport we’d like to play professionally


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What are you playing?

  • This week TJ is playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and loving it despite reviews, and we somehow got him to the movies to see… POWER RANGERS!
  • CJ and TJ gush over how good Power Rangers was.

Geek on, Geek Off:

  • D&D releases their new book, Tales from the Yawning Portal and we’re waiting for TJ to run a game for us!
  • Apple releases iOS 10.3 to help you find your AirPods and sort your files!

Nerd News:

  • First pictures from the Lara Croft movie have leaked
  • Dom has some breaking news for us!