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This week, Cj and Tj play some chillax games, Telltale games fires a quarter of its employees, and we talk about Buzzfeed’s new card game, Social Sabotage. Cj discusses Warby Parker’s new iPhone facial recognition innovation. We’re also talking about the prospect of 21st Century Fox selling most of their company to the big bad monopoly known as Disney.


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Episode 73

This week we are all about Star Wars celebration and the awesome things we’re seeing flying out of there like Luke and Han after blowing up the Death Star! From the new Battlefront and The Last Jedi trailers to the new park designs at Disney.

Also, TJ picked up 2015’s game of the year; The Witcher and we make a lot of bad jokes about it’s… graphic nature.

Last we talk about how excited we are for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and ALL THOSE END CREDIT SCENES!