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This week, we say goodbye to George A. Romero, we’re discussing Jodie Whittaker as the 13th doctor in Doctor Who, and we talk shit about Tony Kok, the eSports player who gets booted from his FIFA team 2 days after signing.

We also delve into an intense discussion about the horrors and possibilities of Google’s DeepMind AI.


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This week TJ is playing Witcher 3 DLC and actually thinking about picking up a book for once while Dom is getting pumped to play his new purchase, Blossom Tales!

Rockstar is taking serious action on their community modders that broke the game a bit, and the Han Solo movie is having a little trouble getting finished. Also the Switch will allow you to code your own games with Fuze Code Studio similar to Minecrafts Education Version.

And we have a discussion about which 3 video game franchise we can’t stand, but everyone else loves.