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This week we find out that we might be getting a prequel to Willy Wonka! Boston Dynamics new robot is a chilling future of what your future pet may look like and Facebook’s new feature shows that the P in VPN doesn’t stand for private apparently.

CJ is Geeking On hard for a new Kitty Pryde movie out of Fox with Tim Miller directing and Bryan Michael Bendis writing!

Then we bring out some 90s toy commercial nostalgia in a new game!



This week Dom is complaining about how much he’s enjoying Splatoon 2 for the Switch!

Frank Castle is the new War Machine and what does that mean for the Marvel comics universe, and an unrelated man stabs his friend over a game of Magic the Gathering.

On top of that we’re Geeking on about Matt Groening’s new show Disenchanted coming to Netflix next year. Then we Geek Off about Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds going against what they’ve previously said and implementing paid cosmetics.



This week we have a special guest from Bonus Stage Heroes, Rob!  With him at our side we go over all the news that came out of SDCC and we play a game Dom made called “Misquote – Quote”.

You can find Rob on any of the links below!





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This week TJ is going old school with Chivalry and Star Wars The Old Republic while Dom is watching Castlevania on Netflix.

In Nerd News we talk about our excitement for Alura’s replacement, Erica Durance, on Supergirl this fall!

Then we Geek on and Geek off about the New Warriors’ casting news about Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl!

Lastly, we set the record straight on what is and is not a sandwich. Or this this case what is a ravioli!


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Episode 73

This week we are all about Star Wars celebration and the awesome things we’re seeing flying out of there like Luke and Han after blowing up the Death Star! From the new Battlefront and The Last Jedi trailers to the new park designs at Disney.

Also, TJ picked up 2015’s game of the year; The Witcher and we make a lot of bad jokes about it’s… graphic nature.

Last we talk about how excited we are for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and ALL THOSE END CREDIT SCENES!