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This week, Dom and Tj talk about Alan Wake getting pulled off the Xbox One store and Steam for music licensing issues, Saban’s Power Rangers is (probably) not getting a sequel, Sonic Forces makes all of your awful dreams come true with it’s new create-a-character feature, and we talk about the beloved PS1 game that never was: Arc Symphony.


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What are you playing?

  • This week TJ is playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and loving it despite reviews, and we somehow got him to the movies to see… POWER RANGERS!
  • CJ and TJ gush over how good Power Rangers was.

Geek on, Geek Off:

  • D&D releases their new book, Tales from the Yawning Portal and we’re waiting for TJ to run a game for us!
  • Apple releases iOS 10.3 to help you find your AirPods and sort your files!

Nerd News:

  • First pictures from the Lara Croft movie have leaked
  • Dom has some breaking news for us!