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This week Dom is playing Metroid: Samus Returns and CJ is listening to the new Futurama Audio Drama!

After that TJ talks way too much for 30 minutes… but if you’re interested he talks about Battleborn’s last update, Fortnite was cross platform for a hot second, and Square Enix has a new mech game coming out?

Then we tried to stop TJ on his massive solo mission to take over the podcast but failed as he Geeked On about the Transformers (Gen 1) 33rd anniversary!


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What are you playing?

  • This week TJ is playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and loving it despite reviews, and we somehow got him to the movies to see… POWER RANGERS!
  • CJ and TJ gush over how good Power Rangers was.

Geek on, Geek Off:

  • D&D releases their new book, Tales from the Yawning Portal and we’re waiting for TJ to run a game for us!
  • Apple releases iOS 10.3 to help you find your AirPods and sort your files!

Nerd News:

  • First pictures from the Lara Croft movie have leaked
  • Dom has some breaking news for us!


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This week, we’re discussing all of our favorite pies for Pi day!

What Are You Playing? TJ gives us his recap of the long awaited Horizon: Zero Dawn

Nerd News Cj dishes out some new rumors about a possible new movie in the Matrix Cinematic Universe

Geek on, Geek off Dom reveals the newest item available for use with your Fleshlight, called the “Fleshlight Launch”